Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life the Learning Game

I think life it one big learning game. I think when we are done learning everything we can learn we die. Loosing a baby is not something I ever wanted to learn about. I am sure its not something anyone would want to learn about. Almost three years ago. WOW. I have learned so much in three short years. 1. Time flies 2. Tomorrow is not a given 3. A child's laugh can fix anything 4. You can live with a broken heart. 5. There is a longing in my heart that will be there til the day I die. A piece of it is missing, not just missing, missing means you may find it. I know where mine is and I cant have it back. Its gone. 6. I have learned to hug Lane (my 7 year old) and tell him every second I can how much I love him. 7. There is a pain in his heart too. When he asks about Jordan or when we talk about Jordan I can see it, even though he was only 4. ( I will blog about that later!) 8. Sometimes LIFE SUCKS. 9. Sometimes I feel guilty when life doesn't suck. 10. There were days I thought I would never smile again. Yup, I was wrong about that! Although #9 applies a little here. 11. I have learned I still cry, often, and it is ok! 12. I have learned there are a lot of babies that never get to cry. And their momma's are amazing support! 13. I have learned that I can look at a pregnant woman again and not be filled with jealousy. 14. Walmart is not the place to go after you loose a baby, (I wanted to flip out on a woman who grabbed her child by the arm the day we came home from the hospital. I wanted to scream, if you don't want that child I will gladly time her home with me when no one will do that {thankfully I thought before I acted}) There is so much more I could write about learning. I have learned while I have typed. I will learn these lessons, new lessons every day. I am just learning more gracefully now!

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