Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I see you in everything

-Things that help me cope- I see so much he would be doing in what his brother does. It makes me smile to think he would be chasing Lane begging to play. I see beauty in things that I never noticed before. I know God sends us these things to brighten our day. And, I love to think that you are sitting on his lap saying send my mommy a beautiful butterfly to make her think of me! I see future, future with you and so many other people I miss dearly. I see hope, hope in some of my BLMs (baby-loss mommas) They are having rainbow babies, and I know that all of you are watching as a new baby enters this world. I see hope in Lane. He is going to make such a great daddy someday. Loosing Jordan taught him a lot of compassion at a very young age. Most of all I see love. Places I never thought to look for it. I see it in everything that makes me think of Jordan! So many of these things I overlooked so quickly before I lost J. I thought tomorrow was a given. A rainstorm, flowers, butterflies, and tiny smiles were always going to be there.

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