Saturday, October 30, 2010

past, present, and future

It has been a while since I posted on here. So I will start with the past.

Summer is over, and we had such a wonderful time. Lots of camping, and playing, and swimming. Only one thing could have made it better. We had "fake puppies". Our dog went through a false pregnancy, and is now carry'n around her puppies, which consist of a shamu, a seal, and an alligator! Its so cute to see her mother these fake puppies. We had to get another car, my eclipse was on her last leg, and we decided it would be easier to sell it with it still running. So we sold it, and bought a civic!

Presently I am taking a break from packing. We leave for 8 days in Orlando Florida on Monday morning. We are going to fly, and that makes me really nervous. But, I am sure we will be just fine! We are going to disney for 2 days, and seaworld, and Cirque de Soleil! And many other little day trips while we are there!
Also presently I am at this point where I want to help other parents who have lost a baby. And the only thing I could think of when we lost Jordan was, I didn't even have a hat for his little head. I sent my mom to the store after they induced me, but what if a mother doesn't have someone to run out for her. So I decided to make little knitted hats! They are all white with a fuzzy kind of fabric, that actually looks like little angel wings! I am going to send them to our NILMDTS photographer, because I know she can convey my hurt for the mother more than a nurse could. I know that in my case, I didn't want the nurses to just sit in my room and make small talk. I was angry, and the way they looked at me with so much pitty, I wanted to scream at them to get out of my room. But with our photographer, I felt so much thankfulness. I will get some pictures of the hats up soon! So far I have 6 newborn hats, and 6 preemie hats done! They take about 2 hours a hat!

As for the future, where ever this road leads us we will follow!


  1. I am glad that you have found a way to heal. Making the hats for other moms will help. You will be doing a good thing. Have fun on your trip. You deserve you time.

  2. Have fun on your trip!! I love what you want to do to help others and I think it's a great idea to give them to the photographer. I wish more nurses were trained in bereavement so that they would know more of what is helpful and what isn't. You'd think that would be a requirement.